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Best Newsletter Content

March 1, 2010

The main focus of your content should be newsworthy information. If your email is just one big ad, customers will recognize it as such and avoid it like the plague!  By providing good content, you will keep the customers coming back and begin building those all-important ongoing relationships. Here are some suggestions for determining content:

• What are the top five questions that customers or members ask you?

• Who are some interesting customers, members, volunteers or employees?

• What problems are your customers facing?

• What information do you have that would help your customers and members see you as an expert?

• Have you been to any trade shows or conferences lately?

• Have any customers said nice things about you lately?

• What is something new or important that your current customers would benefit from hearing?

For more a more detailed explanation of this list, download a complete Newsletter Best Practices Guide Here.