AdLinea makes the Internet work for small business by attracting prospects, getting you into the conversation and by bringing in new and better-qualified leads for sales. Your traditional marketing strategy gets extended by adding the new Internet channels like social media, blogs and websites… without you spending a lot of time. Brochure-like websites are transformed into the cornerstone of your marketing and the exciting lead generation machine that makes social media, blogging and pay-per-click advertising deliver actual results.

  • Busy business owners don’t have the time to keep up with the rapidly-changing Internet and “tweet” every day
  • Marketing staff could use some help understanding where to focus their efforts and how all this high tech actually works
  • AdLinea’s proven marketing machine gets your message out to the vast Internet and brings in interested prospects
  • Small business often needs marketing strategy, planning and execution without hiring full time staff or a consultant
  • Tight budgets and the need for effective marketing means you need a very knowledgeable, capable partner… just enough to get results

If your business isn’t getting at least 25% of its leads from the website, email campaigns and social media, then you should take a look at how adding the Internet to your marketing strategy can really pay off. AdLinea is here to help bring you more business and be your just-when-needed Internet marketing department.


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